Brute Box Now Delivering Moving Boxes in 75 Bay Area Cities

Today we’re excited to announce that Brute Box Moving is now delivering reusable moving boxes to people and businesses in more than 75 cities across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Brute Box is changing the way people move by providing a low cost and convenient alternative to cardboard. The industrial-strength plastic moving boxes have an integrated lid, which means no messy tape or assembly required.

Our goal is make moving more efficient and cost less for everyone. Last year, San Francisco residents moved more than 44,000 times and spent nearly $13 million to purchase 2.6 million cardboard moving boxes.

By ditching cardboard and using Brute Box, San Francisco movers could have saved $4.8 million.

Brute Box delivers to your home and picks up the boxes when you’re done, which means you save money and skip the hassle of cardboard box assembly and recycling.

Moving a 1 bedrooms costs as low as $79.00 and includes free next-day delivery. We’ve found that customers save up to 40% using Brute Boxes versus buying cardboard.

We hope people never have to move with cardboard again. To book your move, visit

Thanks to the Brute Box community that’s supported us since day one. Happy moving!


Founder & CEO of Brute Box Moving