Top San Francisco dog parks

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. However, if you talk to most dog owners, they’ll tell you that their canine feels more like a member of the family. In any case, if you’re moving to SF, and you’re looking for the top San Francisco dog parks, you can rest assured that Fido is going to love it here too. Having beautiful weather all year round means there’s never a bad time to take your pooch for a walk or to any of the following dog parks here in town.

Bernal Heights Dog Park

One great reason to live in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco is the Bernal Heights Dog Park. Fortunately, you can still bring your four-legged friend here even if you’re not a member of the community.

Spanning 35 acres, this dog park will give you an absolutely amazing view of San Francisco in just about every direction. There are also plenty of hills to ensure that your dog gets a great workout. Waste baskets are typically provided and there is no requirement that you keep your pup on a leash.

Fort Funston Dog Park

Fort Funston, like Bernal Heights Dog Park, is made up of hilly terrain that will guarantee your little buddy sleeps soundly at night. However, another great feature of this park is the lush vegetation that covers it .Your canine’s nose is going to go crazy investigating all the scents.

You don’t have to keep your pet on a leash, but because this isn’t strictly a dog park—bicyclists, joggers and even hang gliders use the area—you’ll need to keep an eye on yours.

Alamo Square Dog Park

If you’re familiar with San Francisco, you already know where you can find the “Painted Ladies”—those old Victorian homes located in Alamo Square. Well, right across the street from this iconic section of town is the Alamo Square Dog Park. It’s a great place for those of you who live in the city, yet have pets that still want to get out and run around.

This park is probably the busiest on the list, meaning it will be perfect for well-behaved, friendly dogs who love being around others. If your dog doesn’t match this description, you’ll probably want to take them elsewhere.

Pine Lake Dog Park

It doesn’t get much prettier than Pine Lake Dog Park. While your canine may not appreciate it as much, you’ll love being able to take in the view of Pine Lake. Your dog may even enjoy jumping in for a swim. There are also hiking trails to enjoy as well. Go all the way to the park’s west end and you’ll find an area where they can be taken off the leash and allowed to run free.

Pine Lake is also well known for being a resting place for exotic birds traveling south every year. You may show up just to take your pup for a walk and find a rare species of bird or two while you’re there.

Glen Canyon Dog Park

Another gorgeous location you can find within the city limits is Glen Canyon Dog Park. It’s hard to believe that these 35 acres of nature are actually part of San Francisco. Though you have plenty of room to let your dog explore, know that you must keep them on a leash here. Sometimes waste bags are available, but you should still bring your own just in case.

With wooded trails that seem to go on forever, you’ll have no problem letting your canine stretch their legs while you take in one beautiful view after the next. There are all kinds of reasons people love living in San Francisco. As you can see, there is also a number of reasons dogs love it here too.